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Grief Counselling

Lori brings a heart-centered and intuitive approach to grief counselling. In the brief span of five years, she navigated the deaths of her husband, mom, sister, and dad. While each carried its own unique weight, her sister's departure was particularly traumatic. They were sleeping together in a tent on Mount Acatenango in Guatemala when her sister unexpectedly passed away. This experience fundamentally shifted Lori’s perspective on death and dying, prompting her to leave a profession she loved and embark on a new path as a grief counsellor.


Having worked with hundreds of individuals experiencing grief, Lori infuses her sessions with a wealth of experience. Within these sessions, intuition takes the lead—a profound knowing that aids individuals in their healing process. This intuitive guidance often directs willing individuals to unlock unique gifts hidden within. Grief, with its transformative power, becomes a focal point as she seeks positive pathways, turning the journey of mourning into one of growth, self-discovery, and the revelation of extraordinary potentials. Amidst the pain, Lori holds an unwavering belief that happiness and a life filled with joy are attainable. Allow Lori to accompany you on this path of rediscovery.

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